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Bent Sleeping Position

Straight Sleeping Position

Putnam Pillows

Is this you?.....

.....trying to sleep in a scrunched-up position; battling with either too many pillows or too few; constantly bashing an inadequate pillow into shape throughout the night and waking up feeling like a dishrag?

Well, why not straighten out your problem with a decent-shaped ergonomic pillow for a start!

Neck Pain

Sleep well with a Putnam Pillow. Banish restless nights, stiff neck and sore shoulders in the morning.

What makes Putnam pillows so comfortable?

What do they do?

Putnam pillows cradle your head, support your neck and correctly align your spine, whether you sleep on your back or side.

James Putnam, of Plymouth, Devon, U.K., has more than 25 years experience designing back and neck-care products and marketing them around the world. The sum of all his know-how can be seen in this unique and remarkably effective pillow shape.

The pillows are covered in a tailored 100% soft cotton jersey washable cover. They fit into standard pillow cases and are easy to roll up and pack.

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Putnam Pillow

Putnam Pillow

Putnam pillows come in two choices of moulded foam
Traditional fine-textured foam, which springs back to its original shape quickly when poked or pinched
Visco Memory Foam
Visco Memory
foam, which, as its name implies, is more viscous and takes a second or two longer to regain its original shape. Visco foam is sensitive to body temperature and gives even pressure distribution, while it supports and gently moulds to an individual userís shape, constantly re-adjusting around the head, neck and shoulders with every small movement during rest & sleep. Now in a new travel size - click here.

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