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The Putnam Rest-a-Head

Ingeniously designed neck and head support


The Putnam Rest-a-Head Neck and Head Support
The cover is a hard-wearing velour.

The Putnam Rest-a-Head neck and head support, will work on almost any high-backed chair or sofa.

The Rest-a-Head is fully-adjustable up or down for individual comfort and support (just gently raise or lower the pillow by hand and and the counter-weighted strap over the back of your chair or sofa will do the rest). The depth of neck and head support can be adjusted by opening a hidden zip and removing some of the padding.

You could also try the Rest-a-Head as a neck support while sat up in bed, simply place the Rest-a-Head strap over the back of your headboard. It can also be used on electric-sit-u-up beds. Car drivers and passengers can also benefit from this product. The weighted strap can be fed through the metal pillars of a car seat headrest.


Rest-a-Head Adjustment

Rest-a-Head Adjustment


The Rest-a-Head contains a unique and simple self-adjustment comfort system. Each end of a Rest-a-Head has an oval-shaped piece of foam which gives its special shape. Between these 2 shaped end sections there is a tightly-rolled length of dacron fibre. This roll of fibre is sometimes a bit too densely packed for some people to use the Rest-a-Head straightaway (because we don't want to be accused of not putting enough filling in!).

If you find the Rest-a-Head too firm, then to obtain the most comfort benefits, we suggest you unzip the pillow case, find the end of the fibre roll and tease out anything from 6" to 12", maybe more, then snip it off. When you re-roll or re-adjust the fibre roll's density it will feel a little softer and fit the nape of your neck to just how you like it. But don't throw away any fibre you have snipped off, as it could come in handy if you ever want a little more neck support and the pillow needs to be plumped up again.

Available in black and beige velour.

Price 25.00 excluding VAT, postage & packing

35cm x 17cm x 12cm (13" x 6" x 4")

Product: Putnam Rest-a-Head
Product Code: be101

You can look after your neck at work too. Take a look at our FlexDesk - an award-winning product, which really can put an end to the misery caused by poor posture in the workplace.

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