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"As a special school, our staff spend many hours working with pupils whilst sitting on the floor. Your Ergolife Portable Chairs are truly back saving...."
Kath Jeffries, Deputy Head, The Lyndale School

The Ergolife Portable Chair


The Ergolife Portable Chair FamilyThe Ergolife Portable Chair


The Ergolife is portable

The Ergolife is portable

The Ergolife Portable Chair is ideal for when your back needs extra support outdoors (and indoors!). It is easy to use and provides a lightweight seat with backrest wherever you go. The birch wood slats are specially positioned to ensure optimum support for the lower and upper back.

  • The Ergolife works on hard or soft surfaces

  • The Ergolife weighs 985 grammes (2.17 lbs)

Price 21.95 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Product: Ergolife Portable Chair
Product Code: be005

The Ergolife at home

The Ergolife Portable Chair in use at a festival

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Ergolife Sunset

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