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The Hottie Backwrap - microwaveable soothing heat wrap for the relief of lower back pain

If you suffer from back pain, perhaps associated with regular activity such as sports, walking or gardening, then the Backwrap from Hotties could be just for you. The Backwrap utilises Hotties unique thermal technology combined with a comfortable and non-restrictive one size fits all belt.

Benefits of heat

  • Delivers continuous gentle warmth, designed specifically to ease lower back pain.
  • Many studies have shown the effectiveness of sustained low level heat wrap therapy for non-specific back pain.
  • Penetration of heat relaxes the muscle and increases blood flow.
  • The increased blood flow helps wash away substances that cause pain.
  • Back pain can strike at anytime with millions suffering at any one time.
  • Keep your back wrap handy for use when needed.
  • Consistent low level heat is a proven aid to pain relief - it relaxes, soothes and minimises the need for pain killers.
  • The back wrap is discreet, comfortable and non-restrictive.
  • It is designed to allow you free movement and to help you cope with living life to the full.
  • This product embraces the modern approach to back pain management encouraging you to continue your everyday activities thereby minimising muscle wastage and longer term chronic back pain.

Hotties Backwrap - heat therapy for back pain relief

The Hottie Backwrap has been developed in conjunction with physiotherapists and backcare specialists. It is a unique product, which unlike competitive heat pads, is entirely reusable.

 Click here for background information on the application of heat

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  • Reusable

  • Easy to use and hygienic

  • 42" size fits most people

  • Large heating area

  • Heats in minutes, stays warm for up to 5 hours

  • Healthy non-drug pain relief

Royal Stewart Tartan

Hotties Backwrap Royal Stewart Tartan

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14.50 excluding VAT and delivery

Product: Hotties Backwrap
Product Code: be047

Order Hotties Backwrap Refills here - just 6.96 excluding VAT and delivery

Product: Hotties Backwrap Refill
Product Code: be050

Hotties Safety Information

Hotties range of microwave hot water bottles have now been sold safely and successfully in the UK and Europe for ten years. In that time, no significant injuries have occurred from the use of Hotties, and the company has not had to meet any product liability claims. This marks a considerable achievement, particularly, in the existing commercial and claim culture.

Hotties safety record should also be viewed in the context of considerable beneficial use by the elderly, infirm, and disabled. It is also an achievement of incremental safety in the context of the conventional hot water bottle market. The DTI's latest, (website June 11th 2004), HASS and LASS statistics indicate that 1210 accidents involving hot water bottles required attendance at hospital A and E departments over a twelve month period. Of these, 42 were classed as serious and requiring in-patient care. A further 9456 incidents were classified as kettle related. A proportion of which undoubtedly involved the filling of hot water bottles. It is further estimated that up to 30,000 minor scalds are caused each year by hot water bottle usage.

How has Hotties achieved this long term safety record?
From the outset, Hotties were designed with safety as the paramount consideration. They understood that people would inevitably make mistakes in programming their microwaves, and that, instances of overheating would occur. They also realised that the basic physics involved meant that to attempt to design a product that would not fail was dangerous nonsense. Further, they soon came to realise that many of the people who derived greatest benefit from Hotties were the most vulnerable.

Therefore, Hotties were designed to fail safe if over heated, and to fail before dangerous temperatures and pressures could be reached.

Hotties in use
At Hotties they recognise that a very small proportion of consumers, despite comprehensive instructions, will overheat their Hottie, either by not understanding their microwave oven, or by mistake, experimentation, or abuse.

Hotties materials and seals are engineered to fail-safe, without dangerous ballooning or explosive failure. One or other seals will part before dangerous pressures are reached. This will be preceded by a controlled expansion of the Hottie, which acts as a fail safe indicator..

Hotties maintains a Customer Help line to assist consumers with getting the best out of their Hotties. (08702 415907).

Over 1,000,000 Hotties packs have now been sold.


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