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Putnam Pillow (Traditional Foam)
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Putnam Pillows        Ergonomic Pillow


Putnam Pillow ROYAL

A pillow which especially suits women and small-framed men. Also appropriate if you are used to sleeping on one pillow.

Size 52cm wide x 31cm deep x 13 cm neck ridge height. (20.5 x 12 x 5 neck ridge)

Price 41.58 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Product: Putnams Royal Pillow
Product Code: be001

Putnam Pillow

A pillow for larger, broad-shouldered types. Appropriate if you are accustomed to sleeping on two pillows.

Size 58cm wide x 33.5cm deep x 15cm neck ridge height. (23 x 13 x 6 neck ridge).

Price 47.42 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Product: Putnams King Pillow
Product Code: be002

If you want any of these products shipped outside the UK please contact us (top right above) for a price BEFORE ordering as shipping prices vary enormously depending on the destination.

All our Putnams moulded foam neck-care pillows come with their own tailored 'case', which
closely follows the pillow's contours. Most of our customers tend to use this tailored 'case' as a liner and still fit their own pillow case over the complete product. We suggest you launder your tailored case every now and again to keep it fresh, and when you do, it is handy to have a spare. You can order spare pillow covers with your pillow, or on their own.

Royal Pillow Case
(fits Traditional & Visco Memory pillows)

King Pillow Case
(fits Traditional & Visco Memory pillows)

Price 8.00 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Price 9.20 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Product: Putnam Royal Pillow Case
Product Code: be001cover

Product: Putnam King Pillow Case
Product Code: be002cover

Putnam Travel Pillow (Traditional Foam)

Perfect for holidays and business trips

Putnam Travel Pillow (Traditional Foam)

Perfect for holidays and business trips, this is the travel version of the award winning Putnam Pillow.  Its ergonomic shape is designed to give you the ultimate nights sleep by supporting your neck and promoting good posture.

Lighter and smaller but still retains the all important unique shape for head and neck support.

The Royal is designed for people who typically sleep on one pillow and the King for those who sleep on two pillows.

The Royal is at a height of 5" (13 cm)
and the King 6" (15 cm)

 Price Royal 34.92 King 40.75 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Product: Putnam Travel Pillow
Product Code: be171

We regret we can only accept returned pillows if they have not been used, for the simple reason they cannot be put into stock and resold for hygiene reasons.


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