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The Putnam Visco Memory Superest


The Putnam Visco Memory Superest

Is a lousy car seat driving you up the wall?

Does your soggy, deep sofa swallow you up?

When did you last enjoy sitting in an office chair?

For excellent back support try a Putnam Visco Memory Superest

The Putnam Visco Memory Superest supports the spine and lower back, encouraging better posture in the car, home and office. Its shaped sides hold the over-taxed lateral muscles, giving double the support of any ordinary lumbar cushion


The Putnam Visco Memory Superest simply fits between your back and an unsupportive seat. It is light and easy to carry, covered in a fine velour and comes with an adjustable fixing strap.

Dimensions: 37 cm wide x 39 cm high and 12 cm deep
                   (14.5" x 15.5" x 4.75")

Costs just 44.95 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Putnam Visco Memory Superest

Product: Putnam Visco Memory Superest
Product Code: be011

Visco Memory Material
Visco "memory" material was originally developed by N.A.S.A. to reduce the shock forces to astronauts when they re-entered the Earth's gravitational field. It gives our Superest an amazing gel-like feel. Visco foam's cellular structure will enable this back support to slowly mould to the shape of your body.

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