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The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion with visco foam seat and its own fully supportive backrest

Sitting for ages on the same spot? Tailbone feeling very tender?

Or are you at risk of developing a painful pressure sore?

The complete comfort answer is a clever coccyx recess.. plus quality visco memory foam in
the Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion. A coccyx cushion to help those suffering from coccydinia (coccydynia) or pain in the coccyx or tailbone area.

This neat, easy to carry product is suitable for use on office chairs, lounge chairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, train and aeroplane seats, garden chairs and church pews.

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion

Specially shaped
cut-outs in the backrest & seat

Bones of the upper pelvis and lower spine are supported and given long term comfort by a high quality, luxuriously soft foam backrest. The bones in your bottom are immersed in a generous layer of visco memory  foam, combined with a pliable weight-bearing foam base.

Now see how a tender tailbone or coccyx can simply “float in space”.

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion Visco Memory Foam

The photo sequence shown below, clearly shows our modern visco ‘memory’ foam in action.

Clinical tests of the modern visco foam used in our Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion seat have proved it has clinical benefits to disperse pressure very effectively, for users up to, and including, managed high risk (Waterlow Scale 15).

Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion visco foam has effective pressure relieving qualities across a wide range of day to day temperatures. It does not tend to stiffen in the cold or lose its pressure dispersing qualities in very warm temperatures, as some poor quality visco foams have been known to do.

The triple-cv coccyx cushion also works well on most modern wheelchairs.

Union Jack

The Triple-CV Visco Coccyx Cushion is made in England by
an NHS Supply Chain approved manufacturer.


Snug support for your bottom and lower back. Held in place by user's own weight on the seat & back.
Foam seat & back sections are zipped into a one-piece, 2-way stretch, waterproof vapour permeable cover with carry handles.

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion

Black towelling for Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion

Product: Triple-CV Coccyx Comfort Cushion
Product Code: be085
Cover Type:

Available in a dark grey polytran cover (above left)
or a black towelling cover (above right)

£89.50 excluding VAT postage & packing

Click here for VAT exemption

VAT on Triple-CV Coccyx Comfort Cushions for UK-based customers can be exempt in many cases if you contact us directly and place your order over the phone

Looking for a lower cost solution to
coccyx pain then click here

Max user weight limit
= 14 stones, 196 pounds or 88.9 kg


Seat and back sections:
Height = 14 inches (36 cm)
Width = 16 inches (41 cm)
Seat depth = 2.75 inches (7 cm)
Back depth = 2 inches (5 cm)

Complies with Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988/89 Schedule 7 & 2.

Cleaning: wipe outer cover with hot water and mild detergent, or remove foam blocks and wash cover at 60 C. Briefly tumble dry cover on warm setting only.

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